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Friday, January 7, 2011

After Schoolling

haihh. i thought life after spm will be the best thing ever. but actually i was wrong. HAIHH. its kinda boring like h***. hehe. eventhough schooling was tiring but for me when i was at school i feel so comfortable and so happy. but now!!!!! i just eat. blogging. fbing. watching movies. shopping. haihhh, i think i can dead lah. but i was lucky because i have my pretty and loving mum. she does not working. just sit at home. hehe. so my keboringan will reduce a bit. hehe. i can share a lot of story with her, blajar memasak!! of course.haha. at first i want to work but my mum does not give permission for me to do that. so i must accept it. haha. when i want money, i just said. mak, nak duit. hehe. if she lecturing me, awak ni selalu mintak duit. haha. of course lah mak. sapa suruh x bagi kerja?? haha and my mum said. okeylah2. you win.HAHA. so for those juniors, you all must schoolling with sprited and always happy,yaww. HAPPY SCHOOLLING.    love,   sweet sunshine =)